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The Trial That Was Never Supposed To Happen: Boston Marathon Bombing

January 3, 2015

From day one The Marathon Bombing wreaked of conspiracy with Illuminati fingerprints all over the place. The tragedy of Biblical proportions that claimed three entire lives warranted the closing of an entire city and 24 hour news coverage for weeks. It was almost like it was supposed to be worse than it was. The trial that was never supposed to happen may very well happen (we’ll just have to wait and see if there isn’t a suicide or an accident that takes place first.) I would venture to guess that the only thing more disappointing to the conspirators than the ultimate survival of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the body count at the bombing itself. While I’m not completely ruling out a vigorous defense that may very well reveal this conspiracy in its entirety it’s more likely this will amount to nothing more than a show trial with a speedy conviction and death sentence. Why?  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has family, and if he knows what’s best for his family he probably won’t have much to say at his trial (if anything at all, would hate to see him incriminate himself.) To refresh your memory here’s a time line of the events.

(1) Breaking news! There’s been a bomb at the Boston marathon [3 separate bombs in 3 separate locations, and that is confirmed.]

(2) Oops, only 2 bombs now (even though witnesses saw a 3rd bomb up the street it got un-exploded in less than an hour.)

(3) Media asks all witnesses to bring all photographs and footage to police immediately! All in the best interest of the public to find these “terrorists” to help prevent more mayhem and carnage.

(4) At this time the bombers had returned to college, doing college things as if nothing had happened (that what’s international terrorists do in case you didn’t already know that.)

(5) There are rumors of a middle eastern suspect who was wounded in the bombing and is in custody. Great!

(6) No he wasn’t the bomber, just a Saudi National taking in the Boston Marathon (that’s what Saudi’s do, they go to marathons, it’s a big spectator sport over there like bird watching.) The FBI felt so bad about accusing him they sent Michelle Obama to visit him in the hospital to make him feel better 🙂 (this happens all the time.)

(7) Breaking news! We have 2 suspects! Here are their names and these are their (perfectly clear) pictures! FBI sure works fast, great job! Now all they have to do is track them down, hopefully they haven’t left the country yet.

(8) Nope, haven’t left the country yet they’re in their college dorm with friends (exactly where we thought they’d be!) now lets go arrest them.

(9) Nope, they’re gone, either one step ahead of the law, or they were watching CNN, I don’t know but we have a nationwide manhunt on our hands, let’s start by closing Boston (happens all the time in the United states.)

(10) An MIT police officer was shot execution style in his car and it is confirmed (without any witnesses) that it was these international college attending terrorists who did it. So they are armed and dangerous! Shut down the entire city, nobody is allowed out of their houses!

(11) Gunfight! They have cornered these terrorists and are in a shoot out! What are the suspects shooting with? Ar-15’s, AK 47’s, hand guns? No, as it turns out they didn’t have a gun, they were yelling at the police (this was heard on tape by the deceased suspect) “chill out! we didn’t do it!” So if they aren’t armed why are you shooting at them? And if they aren’t armed what did they shoot the MIT officer with? Unfortunately for the “older terrorist” the younger brother managed to get in a vehicle a midst all the chaos and ran over his brother (and killed him) while fleeing (happens all the time.)

(12) Boston is closed, tanks are in the streets, people are being systematically removed from their homes (at gun point) and homes are being randomly searched (without a warrant) but who needs a warrant in times like this? We have an unarmed (probably wounded) teenager on the loose!

(13) The plot thickens! They have found the suspect, he is hiding in a boat! I guess it’s time to coax him out of the boat with a smoke grenade or tear gas and this will all be over. Nope! Open fire with machine guns! Can’t be to careful with this animal! Dozens of rounds were fired into the boat, a pause for a few minutes then a robot was sent in (seems backwards, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing) He’s alive, and unarmed (hmm.)

(14) The suspect is arrested and taken to the hospital (sustained several gunshots wounds and is conveniently unable to communicate.)

(15) He’s alive and well after a week, taken to a prison where he turned real frickin SHY. He hasn’t been heard from since except for a brief court appearance where he had nothing to say (he’s the quiet type.)

(16) Fast forward a couple months.  A friend of the suspect was being interviewed by the FBI in his apartment. He wasn’t under arrest, he wasn’t armed, just a friendly interview by your friendly FBI agent asking questions. Well, not that friendly. The friend was shot and killed by the FBI agent. Why? Nobody really knows. this was a story for a half a day then nothing more was heard about it (happens all the time.)

(17) Glenn Beck has released the name of the Saudi suspect turned “Michelle Obama visited victim” and has dedicated weeks to the coverage. Where is this guy? Nobody knows, he was here, he was there, now he’s just gone (hmm.)

(18) Videos of the aftermath (that weren’t given to police) are being released and analyzed by various media outlets. These videos seem to paint a different picture than what is being portrayed by the news media. One video has a man in a wheel chair missing a leg. Screaming in agony? Nope, just being wheeled down the street expressionless, no pain apparently (maybe he’s in shock.)  That is just one example, there are dozens of anomalies pointed out that look “suspect” at best, but you can look at the videos and judge for yourself.

(19) More information comes to light about this Saudi. He was here on a student visa but he wasn’t going to college, hmm? He’s all over the internet, yet nobody knows where he is. He’s not contacting the radio station to defend himself. He’s not saying hey, you’re wrong and I’m going to sue you for slander! Nothing, he’s no where, not here, nowhere, vanished.

(20) Two years later the Saudi suspect/marathon-watching-enthusiast-Michelle Obama visited victim decides to sue Glenn Beck for slander. Why two years later? why not immediately? If he’s innocent and was being openly slandered by a multi-millionaire why not stop it right away and file suit, get rich, and move on with your life?

Those are just some of the problems I have with this case. There are countless holes in this case which even on the surface, even if you take everything at face value makes absolutely no sense. Why the conspiracy? Why would the government go to such great lengths? I don’t know, my theory was it’s a dry-run for something bigger. You saw how Bostonians were drug from their homes, searched at gun point and tanks were driving down the empty Boston streets. Could this be pulled off on a grander nationwide scale? Or was this supposed to be something much bigger from the get-go and was flubbed up so bad (the 3rd bomb didn’t detonate) they didn’t have time to escalate it because they were to busy covering their tracks?

Why our government acts as it does, I don’t know. why can you fill an entire library with out tax code? why is the “Affordable Health Care Act” thousands of pages long? Why does the government do anything it does when it doesn’t have popular support? I don’t know, but I know that they do it every day, that’s not a conspiracy theory, that is a documented fact. Is it far-fetched to believe that the government had their hand in the Boston bombings? Or is it more far-fetched to believe they didn’t? Everybody has to decide that for themselves. In my opinion the facts speak for themselves, it makes absolutely no sense to me, and it really never has. I’ll be interested to see if the evidence presented at trial is as equally “unbelievable” as the evidence that has been released before the trial or has the government had ample time to “shore up a few loose ends” and paint a more “believable” picture?


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