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The Bilderberg Conspiracy or Reality?

November 29, 2012
Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, THE NETHERLANDS

Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, THE NETHERLANDS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        When over 120 world leaders (politicians, executives etc.) meet secretly every year (since 1954) to discuss the most important aspects of your life, promise not to discuss anything that takes place inside these meetings, and the press is suspiciously absent, expect people to start asking a few questions. Furthermore, nobody knows who is actually a member, some names are thrown around, but since the organization doesn’t really exist (even though it does,) nobody can be a member. Since nobody’s a member of an organization that factually exists (because they’ve pledged not to discuss anything) and the media refuses to report about it, we can only conclude by speculation, this in turn, forms conspiracy theories. 

       Since members (who don’t exist) do exist, and a meeting which doesn’t take place, does take place, what do they discuss that they don’t really discuss, and the press refuses to report?  Well, nobody really knows for sure because it doesn’t really happen, this is where the speculation (and alleged leaks) come in. 

        Most conspiracy theorists speculate that this has to do with the “New World Order,” (a futuristic, border less, one world government.) Only speculating of course, the Bilderberg meetings are kept totally secret because if this transition was to take place it would be met with great opposition, mostly by Americans, who value “personal freedom” more than the powerful European countries. The United Nations is looked upon as the precursor to what would become the New World Order, and many of the alleged Bilderberg members are proponents of, or are high-ranking members in the U.N. (Kofi Annan for example.)  As I said, this is just speculation, but if you believe in the reality of a New world Order conspiracy, the Bilderberg meetings probably wouldn’t be a bad place to start. 

       Another theory is purely financial, referencing the world bank, and global stock markets. Since the global recession began in 2008 (and hasn’t recovered, because it can’t) global stock markets have magically seen historic gains. The Dow Jones for example is hovering around 13,000 points, nearly double where it was just four years ago. This has been the case around the globe, unemployment around the world is at an all time high, earnings have decreased, people have less money to spend, but big business seems to be making more money than ever, why is that? Also in 2008 we experienced a historic banking collapse, this happened as a result of gross mismanagement, although the vast majority of Americans were against it, the Federal government bailed them out anyway, Why? Other, smaller, better managed banks, would have certainly filled the void over time, why weren’t they allowed to? Also during the recession you saw your 401k plummet (it’s since magically recovered) but the world’s richest and most powerful seemed unaffected, if anything, they’re better off now than they were before. And what is the world bank? Where does this money come from? It’s openly discussed, but very little is understood about how it works, who’s actually in charge of it, and who is its primary benefactor. Another pressing financial question is world debt, it’s not just The United States that has this problem, nearly all of the first world is up to its eye balls in debt, a number so high it would be almost impossible to estimate, certainly approaching 100 trillion dollars, who owns all this debt? It’s not China, (they’re doing good, but not that good) so who owns this debt? Nobody knows, again, it’s just magic, nearly every first world government has accumulated more debt than it could ever pay off, yet somehow it doesn’t seem to have any effect on power structure, or global markets. I’m not saying this is what is discussed at the Bilderberg meetings, (since we’re not allowed to know what they talk about) it’s easy to see how one could speculate, even logically come to that conclusion.  

       Of course there are countless conspiracy theories traced back to this group (that doesn’t exist) most are admittedly pretty ridiculous, but they are in fact meeting, and discussing something. The fact that power structures (in the first world) seem to be never-changing, and the ridiculously rich seem to remain just that (regardless of the economic climate) and these, by most accounts, are the very people attending these meetings, I don’t think it’s a far-fetched conclusion to draw. Like I said, when you’re talking about an organization that doesn’t officially exist (that factually does) and it contains some of the most powerful people in the world (that the press refuses to cover) you know people are going to ask questions, just don’t be surprised that they draw conclusions, whether they be far-fetched or based on simple logic, these conclusions are better than what we’re given by a group, that does, but doesn’t exist.     


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