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Signs of The 12/21/2012 Apocalypse

November 29, 2012
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

          If the world is in fact going to experience some drastic, humanity changing event on December 21st, or as an estimated 10% of the world’s population believes, END. We should be, and should have been witness to some warning signs. These signs may be subtle, if you look hard enough (or you have a really vivid imagination) they do exist. I’m always up for a good conspiracy theory, or pending apocalyptic event, I’m pretty skeptical concerning this one, but to be fair (and to have something to write about) I’ve come up with my top ten reasons you might want to consider heading for the hills. 


        When you start approaching (or exceeding) 8.0 on the Richter scale, you’ve got a pretty serious earthquake. Biblical scholars have always pointed to this as one of the best tell-tale signs for a pending apocalypse. Where this belief comes from is up for debate, but it’s widely subscribed to, and these events did in fact happen. 


        Not the Al Gore fossil fuel theory, but a natural, scientifically unavoidable event. Most scientists believe that the Earth is in fact warming (slightly) they disagree as to what’s causing it. One who subscribes to the doomsday theory could argue that this is a sign that Earth will continue to warm to a point where it could become uninhabitable, or at the very least, unable to support its current population. 


        When scientists claim they’ve made an earth shattering discovery that will re-write the history books less than a month before many people believe the world will in fact end, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this at least mentioned. Of course we don’t know what that means, any time you make those sorts of claims, then refuse to reveal your information, people start to draw their own conclusions. Some doomsday believers have done just that, and are quick to point to this as potential apocalyptic news. 


         Hurricanes have occurred naturally, and commonly, long before humans began recording history, so why is Sandy so different? The size (after combining with an arctic cold front) this storm became, and the devastation it caused, are indeed historic. Meteorologists estimate this phenomena only occurs once a century, combined with the fact that it affected one of the heaviest population centers on the planet, only months before the very date some people are predicting the world to end. 


         It’s not just the United States mired in a seemingly never-ending economic slump, with the exception of Germany, nearly every 1st world economy has seen drastic effects. While recessions aren’t unprecedented, both the length and size of our current recession haven’t been felt since the 1930’s. With no end in sight, many point in this direction as a precursor for historic change, some believe it’s compelling evidence pointing directly to an end-of-the-world scenario that has already began. 


   In the last year, nearly 30,000 Syrians have perished as a direct result of civil war. Egypt recently elected a religiously fanatical government, Iraq’s in turmoil, and world leaders have been unable to curb Iranian nuclear weapons aspirations. This may not point to a direct date, it does present a very serious problem. Any time you have millions of increasingly desperate people willing to die in the name of Allah, and whose very existence is based on that very principle, armed with technology (they wouldn’t hesitate to use) capable of killing millions of people with a simple push of a button, not so surprisingly, people start getting a little nervous. 


         We are in fact seeing some strange phenomena regarding animal activity. The one garnishing the most attention points to birds, namely, migration patterns. Theoretically speaking, as the Earth’s poles begin to shift, this affects the magnetic fields, this in turn has adverse effects on nature, or the natural balance. As a result, we start seeing animals acting erratically, the most obvious being, birds (flocks into the thousands) taking different routes than we’re accustomed to seeing, sometimes resulting in entire flocks mysteriously dying off. This isn’t the only example, some point to fish, horses, dogs, etc. Although this is the subject of much debate, it is in fact strange, and some believe it provides substantial evidence for the pending apocalypse. 


        The Bible (and other holy books) warn of a time where man begins to disregard the word of God, moves farther away from the church and it’s teachings, ultimately resulting in a culture where humanity will no longer be able to sustain itself (morally.) This is said to be a tell-tale sign of a pending apocalypse. Internationally (with the exception of the Middle East) this in fact the case, this trend has taken place over the last half century. Those who accept the Bible in its literal sense are quick to point this out, they see this, combined with the Mayan Calender (among other things,) as an obvious sign we are in fact experiencing the end of days. 


        Scientists believe the sun will be at its peak (regarding potentially harmful solar flares reaching Earth) at the end of 2012, or the beginning of 2013. This of course coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar. Although it wouldn’t mean a sudden end of life on Earth, it would certainly set humanity back a couple hundred years. This event wouldn’t be unprecedented, it did happen in 1859, effectively knocking out all telegraph communication for weeks. If it happened today (knocking out the electrical grid) the results would be absolutely devastating. Unable to communicate, ship goods, or access current medical technology, those living in urban areas would struggle to survive, possibly reaching a death toll that could approach a billion people (or more.) Governments are very much aware of this threat, and are rapidly upgrading potential defenses, (but by all accounts) are lagging behind, decades behind, and no one can estimate when we’ll be adequately prepared to take such a solar punch. We know that this WILL happen, they just don’t know when, and if it happens before we’re adequately prepared (in the next couple decades, or 12/21 of this year) the results would be catastrophic, and some say, apocalyptic. 


        Obviously this is how people have come to their 12/21/2012 apocalyptic conclusion. The date the Mayan calendar ends coincides with the ancient Chinese I-Ching prediction that either the world will end, or it will experience some form of transformation. This is also widely speculated that other ancient cultures have long since been saying the same thing (most notably, the Hopi Indians.) Whenever you have multiple ancient cultures pointing in the same direction, people take notice, albeit, with varying interpretations. Admittedly, this isn’t an apocalyptic sign, it does seem to be some form of apocalyptic prediction, and the very prediction leading to the hysteria we’re witnessing today.


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